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Beto Beas - Owner

Beto Beas - Owner View

Beto Beas is the best when it comes to customer service.


Stivant Dah - GM View

"Our Team works with every customer one a one-on-one Basis we know everyone situation is different and we will work with you to get you into a Vehicle. No Matter how bad you think your situation may be we have a solution. We will also get you financed through a bank so you will start building your credit back up."

"There is No Reason a Person Should Do Buy Here Pay Here, it is to No Benefit to the Customer; For the Same down payment, or likely less we can get you into a bank, building Credit, and building your future!"

From Finding you the best bank for your particular situation, taking care of your paperwork & Financing, Plus getting you the best warranty for your vehicle Stivant has you covered.

He can also fix anything Computer related too!

(209) 603-5298 - Cell
 Humberto Beas - Owner

Humberto Beas - Owner View

Humberto Beas was born in Mexico. Struggling to find work, he came to California and became a field worker. After years and years of hard work, trusting in the Lord, and saving every penny, he finally opened Beas Auto Sales in 1991. Humberto is now the proud father of four children; three boys and the Beas Auto Sales Dealership. He is a respected member of the community who spends his free time giving back. He co-founded a charity organization in Mexico where hundreds of underprivileged children and elderly have everything from shelter, schooling, transportation, medicine, and clean water. He is also a member of a charity organization which takes care of many children in Colombia. He alone takes care of 100+ children making sure they have everything they need from education to food and shelter.

(209) 944-5770
Max Beas - Super Max Insurance Center

Max Beas - Super Max Insurance Center View

Max is also a Notary public both here on-site & mobile as well as a complete Insurance Specialist; providing Home, Auto (including boats & airplanes), Life, and Health Insurance. Max also offers other public services here On-site & mobility at your convenience such as DMV vehicle verification, International License Agent (providing driving privileges anywhere in the world i.e. letting visiting citizens of other countries/tourists drive anywhere in the world with full legal driving privileges of the visiting region).

(209) 598-3259
Leo Beas - Marketing Manager

Leo Beas - Marketing Manager View

"Blessed with a beautiful family. I cherish everyday of my life and don't take anything for granted. Preparation and Discipline are the 2 most important things I live by."

Leo speaks both English & Spanish and is a complete professional. He the best when it comes to helping you find the right vehicle.

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