What to do after you are approved

  • Browse our inventory  

  • Test drive any clean car

  • Ask our team any questions about the electric or hybrid cars  

  • Select a car 

  • Finalize the new car deal at our dealership

  • Beas Auto Sales Corp. will put the car you select on hold for you until the check from Valley CAN is verified

  • Approved members do NOT request a check from Valley CAN. Beas Auto Sales Corp. will request the check from Valley CAN once the car deal is finalized.

  • The check delivery takes about 1-2 weeks. 

  • Once the check is received, Beas Auto Sales Corp. will schedule a pickup date.

  • Pick up your new car or have it delivered to you for free.

  • Drop off your older car or we can pick it up for free.

  • Finally, enjoy your newer car and give Beas Auto Sales Corp. a review if this helped you.     

Interested in applying? 

What is vehicle replacement? 

The drive clean in the San Joaquin program will help you to replace your old vehicle with a newer, cleaner model! If you think that you qualify for the program, the first step is to apply here. 

Which cars can be retired and replaced? 

  • 2006 or older and failed emissions.

  • You must have owned it for at least 6 months.

  • The vehicle needs to have been in California for the past 2 years. 

Which areas of California does this program cover?

  • Fresno County 

  • Kern County (Partial)

  • Kings County

  • Madera County

  • San Joaquin County

  • Stanislaus County

  • Tulare County

How it works

  • Once you obtain proof of emissions failure, you can submit an application!

  • Submit an application with Valley CAN. After your application is approved, you can shop for a newer, cleaner car at Beas Auto Sales Corp. or other participating dealerships.

  • Valley CAN will give Beas Auto Sales Corp the check for the down payment. The amount of incentive checks that you receive is dependent on your income level and the type of new vehicle you purchase. Cleaner vehicles receive higher incentives! We encourage our customers to browse our inventory. New vehicles must be 2014 or newer and meet our MPG requirements. Call us, Email, or DM us on Facebook and Instagram for any questions about Plug-in Hybrids, Hybrids, and Electric cars.

We will collect your old car for retirement on the day that you take home your new vehicle. If you need a free delivery or need us to pick up your old car for free then schedule a time. All retirement cars are destroyed and recycled so that they are no longer able to pollute our Valley air!