Drive in the HOV lane by yourself
The IB CAV decal program is making it possible for you to drive in the fast lane. If you’re a commuter in California, there are now more reasons to drive a clean car than just saving on tax incentives & rebates, your carbon footprint, fuel, and maintenance costs. The stickers granting access were previously only available for those who bought more expensive new electric vehicles. The carpool lane will almost always give drivers a time-saving edge in driving. Now a new California law went into effect in 2020 that grants fast-lane access to people who buy used clean vehicles.

Which vehicles qualify for carpool?
Before we explain how to get the Carpool Sticker to make sure your vehicle is eligible. Most 2017-2021 model vehicles at our dealership do qualify for this program, but you can double-check on the DMV site to see if your vehicle is eligible or just call us (209) 944-5770.

How to apply for the carpool sticker
  • The new owner of a used clean vehicle must meet the following criteria:
  • The applicant’s total annual household income is at or below $69,680 (this amount is subject to change).
  • Total Annual Household Income requires the disclosure of the annual income of all members of the household, age 17 and older, who reside together and share common living expenses regardless if they are related.
  • The new registered owner name(s) matches DMV records.
  • The address on the application must match the address on the vehicle registration card.

As you complete the applications make sure you:
  • Check the “Transfer to new owner” box.
  • Check the “Income-based CAV Decal program” box.

Print and fill out both forms:
Form 1 HERE
Form 2 HERE

After you complete both forms:
  • Pay the $22 Decal Fee by Check or Money Order, do not send cash.
  • Mail Application and check or money order to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
Special Processing Unit - MS D238
P.O. Box 932345, Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

We hope to see you in the fast lane. Together we are building a cleaner and healthier community.