How Do Grants Work?

When all program requirements are met, grants do not need to be repaid. To get a grant, you must receive an Approval Packet prior to purchasing the vehicle and comply with all program requirements throughout the program term.  The grant will be given to the dealer to lower the overall cost of the new or used clean vehicle.

Who is eligible?

  • Verify residency using your California Driver’s License or AB60 License

  • Verify your gross annual household income (Must be less than $51,040) using your tax transcript. This amount could change so click here for maximum qualifying income. 

What Vehicles are Available?

Grants are for new or used clean vehicles. You can get a grant for a hybrid vehicle, a plug-in hybrid, or an electric vehicle. Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids can also include a home charging station with installation support, up to a $2,000 value.

How to Apply

  • Create an account

  • Fill out Beneficial State Bank application

  • Contact dealership after you receive an approval packet

Click here to create an account and start your application.